American Job Centers

What should I know about American Job Centers (AJCs)?

American Job Centers offer free services and career workshops to support job seekers. These centers have resources for all individuals looking for work, including entry-level workers, young adults, and workers with disabilities. The services provided by AJCs vary but can include:

  • Assessment of skills, abilities, aptitudes, and needs.
  • Assistance with unemployment insurance.
  • Access to employment services such as the state’s job board and labor market information.
  • Career counseling.
  • Job search and job placement assistance including funds for career workshops. education, and related supportive services such as day care and transportation.
  • Access to computers and technology for job searching.
  • Workshops on topics like interviewing, resumé writing, and job searching.

There are many AJC locations in Tennessee. All AJCs have a specific youth services contact.

What should students know about American Job Centers?

  • There are multiple American Job Centers (AJCs) across Tennessee.
  • AJCs help people of all ages who are looking for a job.
  • In some areas, the AJC will help you while you’re still in high school or college.
  • The AJC is not a job placement agency, but a place where resources for job searching are available.
  • All AJC services are free.
  • AJCs can help you:
    • Learn about strategies for finding a job
    • Get help preparing for job interviews
    • Get help writing your resume
    • Find out about job openings (including summer jobs, internships, and community service)
    • Get information about employers in your local area
    • Learn what employers expect of you
    • Figure out what kind of job you want to have after leaving high school

How do I contact American Job Centers?

Address and contact information for 68 American Job Centers in Tennessee.


How can I partner with American Job Centers for Pre-ETS?

  • Invite an AJC representative to come speak about topics like writing resumes or job interviews. Encourage the speaker to develop interactive activities or role-plays to engage students. Keep in mind: many AJC staff will not know what pre-ETS is. Make sure to explain the program when reaching out to them!
  • Ask students to research community partners who can provide supports after graduation, including American Job Centers. Here are some questions they could ask their local AJC:
    • What types of workshops do you offer?
    • Are there programs or workshops designed specifically for young adults?
    • Are there summer job programs at this AJC?
    • Are there any online learning services that you offer?

Ask students to share the information they found in a variety of formats such as preparing a presentation or designing a poster.

  • Arrange for students to meet with an AJC representative for help assessing their career interests and to learn about jobs and careers suitable for them. If any students are currently seeking a job (i.e. high school seniors not attending postsecondary education), encourage them to get information about employers in the area and job openings.

Where do I find more information about American Job Centers?

Access a list of resources that your local American Job Center offers (click on the center name for your region).