Developing Strong Partnerships

Introduction to Course

Welcome to our course on Developing Strong Partnerships! Collaboration is crucial to successful Pre-ETS delivery. When Pre-ETS providers, educators, and community partners work together effectively, students receive more comprehensive and meaningful services. Through successful collaboration, the collective efforts of the transition team will be better able to address the complex transition needs of students and contribute to opportunities that will improve post-school outcomes for youth with disabilities.

Course Objectives
  • Recognize the importance of collaboration in Pre-ETS
  • Learn what successful collaboration is vs. what it’s not
  • Explore key partners to collaborate with
  • Develop an understanding of the stages and strategies of successful collaboration
  • Identify what person-centered planning is and how to infuse person-centered planning practices into Pre-ETS collaboration
Guiding Questions
  • How do I build a positive relationship with teachers I’m working with?
  • How do I maintain communication with teachers and other partners?
  • How do I involve community partners in Pre-ETS?
  • How do I ensure student voices drive Pre-ETS?

Lessons & Additional Resources

Click a video below to begin. Take and pass the quiz at the end of the course to complete the course.

Transcript with audio description

Supplemental Materials

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Making the Most of a Guest Speaker

Why Early Work Experiences Matter

Example Survey on Current Transition Activities

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Hosting a Transition Fair

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How to Build a Successful Partnership: Pre-ETS Providers and Educators

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Person-Centered Planning Resources

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