The goal of this State Transition Leadership Team is to steer movement on transition on a statewide scale—to identify needs, rally resources, coordinate efforts, and spur improvements.

This team will have input on the design of a new state transition conference, how technical assistance for school districts is delivered, and new trainings that will be developed.

The team is comprised of exceptional education directors, teachers, representatives from state government agencies and representatives from advocacy organizations, and others.

Tie Hodack | Director of Exceptional Student Education, MNPS

Marie Wicks | Transition Coordinator, Williamson Co.

Jennifer Aprea | Family Engagement Project Coordinator, The Arc TN

Sarah Huffman | Assistant Superintendent, Germantown MSD

Vanessa Johnson | Program Instructor, Putnam Co.

Michelle Pittman | Special Education Specialist, Knox Co.

Emma Shouse | Public Information Specialist, TN Council on DD

Ben Roberston | Transition School to Work Coordinator, Kingsport City Schools

Jordan Herald | Field Supervisor I, VR

Jerre Maynor | Senior Director, Articulated Pathways Division of College, Career and Technical Education, TDOE

Joey Ellis | Postsecondary Transition Specialist, TN STEP

Blake Shearer | Transition Director, VR

Erik Carter | Cornelius Vanderbilt University Professor

Elise McMillan | Co-director, Vanderbilt Kennedy Center

Dawn Rowe | Associate Professor, East TN State University

Rachael Jenkins | Educational Consultant, Transition TN

Devin Curtis | Media Specialist, Transition TN

Kyle Kurlick | Media Specialist, Transition TN

Tim Robbins | Supported Employment Director, The Access Program

Jessica Awsumb | Research Associate, TransitionTN

Shimul Gajjar | Educational Consultant, TransitionTN

Erin Maves | Educational Consultant, TransitionTN

Wendi Gearing | Educational Consultant, TransitionTN

Jena Galster | Educational Consultant, TransitionTN

Ben Schwartzman Galster | Educational Consultant, TransitionTN

Melvin Jackson | Self-Determination Trainer/Transition Consultant, UTCLEE

Paula Knisley | Director, VR

Alison Gauld | Behavior and Low Incidence Disabilities Coordinator, TDOE