Supports & Partnerships

Introduction to Course
This course provides information about a multitude of services and supports available to students with disabilities. These organizations, agencies, and resources represent potential partnership in helping students and their families navigate their transition to adulthood successfully. We provide details about these collaborators and highlight the specific ways each can be involved in the transition process.
Course Objectives
  • Identify the importance of connecting students to services and supports in the community as part of the transition process
  • Become familiar with the organizations, agencies, and resources available in the community that may help students be successful after high school
  • Identify ways to partner with these community supports during the transition process to promote student success
Guiding Questions
  • How have you partnered with supports in the community to help students transition smoothly into life after graduation?
  • What challenges have you faced when working to help students connect with organizations and services outside of school in preparation for graduation?
  • What have you found to be the greatest areas of need for students as they prepare to adjust for postsecondary experiences?
  • What new partnerships might you pursue to support the students and families with whom you work?